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The owner, Eddy Hendrickx, is a professional jeweler with a lifetime experience inherited from his Father, graduating as an industrial artist with a specialization in Metal product design; with a specific emphasis on quality Jewelry designs. After graduating from Studgade School of Art and Ph.D. in (Decoration Art and Landmines) from Hamburg University (Germany). He worked with a few local Jewelry companies in parts of Europe and Dubai. His outstanding performance and skill elevated him from the bench to the head of the production department.

Eddy started Eddyjwls as a hobby; producing unique European, African, and Arabian designs for the tourist market. Eddy was born and raised in Belgium(Brussels) his Father is from Belgium(Antwerp) and his Mother is from the United States (CA).

Eddyjwls has grown into a global chain of retail boutiques. Appealing to all tastes with a wide variety of exquisite and trendsetting designs, Eddyjwls customized approach and inclusive portfolio have attracted the attention of fashionable socialites and are graced by women belonging to almost every segment of society. Every jewelry article is backed with a certificate of authenticity, providing clear information on stones to assure complete transparency.

Our award-winning creative and production is backed by a dedicated team of sales professionals who strive to educate and understand each Client’s personal needs, which enriches the shopping experience. We also have a strong presence in Belgium, the USA, UAE (Dubai), and South Africa.

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